If contributing as an association, business, corporation, LLC, LLP, or family trust, please include this Certification Form


Thank you for your interest in making a contribution to my re-election campaign. Your support is truly appreciated and will allow me to continue to serve you in the state legislature.

Donations will be reflected on the credit card statement as payment to Anedot.

Please click here to complete a print contribution form. When completed, please print and mail to:

Committee To Re-Elect Ed Orcutt
PO Box 1280
Kalama, Washington 98625

Please Note:

  • Contributions to the Committee to Re-Elect Ed Orcutt are not tax deductible.
  • The maximum contribution is $1000.00/per person or business for the primary election and $1000.00 per person or business for the general election.
  • The Public Disclosure Commission requires that if your total annual contributions will exceed $100.00, you must provide your occupation, employer and employer address (city and state).

THANK YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT! - The Committee to Re-Elect Ed Orcutt

More coming soon!

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